Orange Business Services Selects Hélène Auriol Potier to Lead International Business and Continue Growth Momentum

Orange Business Services

Hélène Auriol Potier has been joined Executive Vice President, International at Orange Business Services, to focus on the development areas for the company involving network virtualization/SD-WAN, cyber defense, cloud, IOT and analytics.

According to the company’s statement, Auriol Potier appoints Orange from Microsoft where she was for ten years, most recently as General Manager, Artificial Intelligence and Western Europe.

Auriol Potier as an executive VP is expected to help cement Orange Business Services’ growth in markets including cloud services and cybersecurity.

The company plans to secure and source 50% of cloud revenue outside of France by 2022.

“This has also been driven by key acquisitions in the industry, including Basefarm, and the opening of new data centres in Amsterdam and Atlanta,” According to the company’s statement.

Orange Business Services suggests that 60% of the world’s data is expected from enterprises in 2025, and the company is engage in transforming its core service portfolio, involving network services with the development of its software defined network (SDN)-based offerings, involving Flexible SD-WAN.

“Hélène’s deep knowledge of B2B customer needs, as well as her expertise in digital technologies will help our customers shape their innovation and is a perfect match with our ambition to become a leader in a new global, data-driven ecosystem where people, objects and business processes are all connected both inside and outside the company. This is what we envision as the ‘Internet of Enterprises,’” said Helmut Reisinger, CEO, Orange Business Services

Reisinger has earlier posted that to utilise data effectively, organisations need to be able to understand the proliferating data at their fingertips, and how to analyse and manage it. Each step in a company’s digital journey is equally important to ensure that data ultimately produces a tangible business impact and the intended business growth, he expressed.

“Data-driven transformation strategies are essential for the survival of every business in this digital era, an era that is unleashing unprecedented levels of human creativity. The three paths that I have outlined can be taken either one after the other or all at once. There is no magic formula; it depends on many factors, such as company size and sector type. But in my view, these are the approaches that work best, that will give your strategies the greatest chance of success,” he added.