Switzerland Announces Coffee Is ‘Not Vital For Human Survival’, Ends Stockpiling Of Beans

Switzerland Announces Coffee Is 'Not Vital For Human Survival', Ends Stockpiling Of Beans

The Swiss government has declared plans to clear out the emergency stockpiling of coffee – something that has been in place for years.

They are now stating coffee is not vital for human survival – thus it is not supposed an emergency supply.

Opposition against that decision is now brewing.

Nestle, the creators of instant coffee Nescafe, and few other importers, roasters, and retailers are all need to store bags of raw coffee.

The country also stockpiles other staples such as sugar, rice, oils, and animal feed, according to the sources.

 This system of reserving important food staples began between World War I and World War II in order to prepare for food shortages for the duration of war times.

According to a plan announced for the public, coffee stockpiling requirements will expire by 2022 – with companies then being able to freely use what they have in their warehouse.

The Swiss government stated that coffee is not an essential for life, reported in the statement.

Switzerland consumes about 20 pounds of coffee per person yearly.

Some coffee drinkers in the country are fighting back against the decision telling the vitamins and antioxidants in coffee have not been fully appreciated.