Hot Data Storage Technology Trends in 2019

Today, it is indispensable for a business to build and retain an IT infrastructure that is agile, timeless, predictive and future-ready to stay ahead in terms of IT trends. This is the reason aflourishing number of businesses try to stay ahead of the curve are exploring next generation data storage avenues and cloud is one of the storage trend that is gaining good grip.

So what other is on the plates when it deals with the storage? With businesses busy replacing ageing datacentres and IT infrastructure, there have been a notable transformation in how businesses store and retrieve their data. Below are a few storage trends that are expected to takeover businesses by a storm in the near future:

  • Multi-cloud storage

You will see the seamless data mobility between multiple cloud platforms and this involves on premise and public cloud vendors. It would not only turn around how the data move from one place to the other, but also about receiving the data found where it is accessible to multiple application-centric IT environments involving multiple public cloud platforms. Hold up yourselves to witness anenormous surge in enterprise cloud migration.

Additionally, as businesses start to ascertain the weakness and strengths of numerous cloud vendors, deriving optimum value from the data calls for new skills and vision that would involve both cloud and on premise administration. Finally, it is wise decision to have a cloud-ready on premise storage.

  • Flash storage

The most revolutionary technologies of recent times is expected to see a surge in 2019 and beyond is Flash Storage. Moreover, government organizations would continue to replace spinning disks with SSDs for upgraded performance, space efficiency, easy management and energy saving, but we will also see a new breed of storage tech trends such as storage automation, public cloud integrations, and integrated data security built atop the flash storage foundation.

  • Storage automation

IT infrastructure automation is all about how businesses modern cloud data centers with improved efficiency minus errors. Storage automation will be the new normal.  With automated virtual IT infrastructures becoming prevalent, there will be arise in the request for containers in enterprise IT ecosystem. Subsequently, automated frameworks would remain to grow to make way for persistent storage whereas increasing the demand for full-stack admins significantly.

  • Streamlined storage environment

Containers by allowing the users to lay down application infrastructure provide a streamlined application and storage environment. In short, you no more have to get worried when it comes to incompatible apps and utilities or OS patches. This is a main reason why containers are supposed as useful and relevant when it comes to enterprise data center management.

  • Integrated data protection

Flash storage has transformed storage administration, proficiency and performance. This storage transformation in particular highlights on the increasing need for upgraded efficiency in regards securing the data from evolving threats, attacks, corruptions, system failures and human errors. Going forward organizations would love to choose investing in integrated data protection approaches and tools than ever.

So these are storage trends that would transformed the way enterprises have been managing and administering storage. With aburgeoning number of businesses transferring their applications and data to cloud.