SLM Sistemas: Leveraging Technology to Boost Business Productivity

Founded in 2000, SLM Sistemas grown by leaps and bounds. Since the inception, the company is continuously strived to enhance its services in cloud computing. They offer the services in four verticals namely: Software Factory, Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Data centers, and recently the creation of devices and sensors for the Internet of Things. The experts and professionals are honed in the respective areas and actively engaged in executing on goals that are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Today, the company’s footprint in Colombia, the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, and Venezuela is the evidence of its service effectiveness. The company became the success key for their clients’ projects by investing successful approach on each project for each customer. SLM has been recognized for “The Solution of Greater Technological Innovation” delivered by “Colciencias” and the Ministry of the Interior of Colombia.

At the present time, the company has alliances for the delivery of turnkey solutions with several market giants, including Oracle, Microsoft, Google, SAP, NOKIA, VMware, among others. Recently, SLM has incurred in the world of industrial automation and agriculture 4.0, managing to create solutions from software and hardware, devices, sensors and all hosted in its cloud of high availability for the improvement in the cultivation and export of avocados in the area of OAXACA, Mexico with the association of avocados from Oaxaca called AVODELI (

SLM and NOKIA are unanimously working for the implementation of high-performance protocols for the management and administration of internet devices of things as well as connectivity in private and extended LTE networks to rural communities in the hands of TELEFONICA / MOVISTAR

SLM is also the owner and inventor of an artificial intelligence called SLM Aliee (Artificial Life Intelligence Extended Environment) that is currently in use by several companies in repetitive tasks, quality processes, service delivery, and support and expert systems.

SLM products are designed with protection and business continuity strategies which allow any company to operate without interruption in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

Benefits Offered by SLM

SLM differentiates itself in its CLOUD offerings by delivering critical mission architectures with data and backup protection, tolerance zones, high availability, disaster recovery, managed services and many other benefits ALWAYS included in all the products of its offer, which allows to any company of any size migrate all their systems to the cloud or contract products and services of SLM in the easiest way and always accompanied and with shared responsibility in the success of the projects.

SLM manages data centers throughout the continent, allowing to deliver service and applications from anywhere in minutes and with all the protection and accompaniment of the high engineering that characterizes them.

SLM is also the owner and creator of a virtual desktop solution called SLM GALEON, the GALEON solution allows secure access from any device and any connection regardless of the application or in which it is developed, successfully migrating critical mission applications based on technologies considered obsolete and that is NOT supported in any other CLOUD.

SLM’s success driven factors include awareness, commitment to innovation, and customer service. Customer’s experience is the number one priority of SLM. The company always opt for innovations to meet the needs.

The client gets from SLM an attention that feels UNLIMITED. This Service is specifically supported in, first, specialized personnel with the best attitude, second, world-class architecture with backup and recovery plan for 100% of the solutions they have with us, and third, the possibility of giving your next steps in the hands of a reliable supplier that has all the latest technology solutions at their hands.

Flourishing Future towards Success

SLM believes in actions and goals. What they planned in the past, they achieved more than that. The company believes the conversations could be in reality with a strong desire for success.

ALIEE (our artificial intelligence) or being the best provider hosting SAP HANA in the cloud are a couple of examples goals placed and already reached. In the near future, the company sees themselves as a leader in the technology for Latin America.


A Visionary behind SLM Sistemas

Gonzalo Araujo, CEO of SLM Sistemas, is a Colombian visionary. At the very tender age, he has had the vision to innovate in the way people live, communicate and work. He has more than two decades of technology experience with several successful ventures. He has the faithful conviction of writing a part of history being a pioneer in the creation of technological solutions that come from Latin America.