Visual Storage Intelligence: Storage Reporting Made Easy

Visual Storage Intelligence: Storage Reporting Made Easy

As a storage administrator, analyst, or manager, it requires strenuous efforts to tackle the problems from both IT and business users. After all, you are the hub that serves all of the spokes within and beyond your IT ecosystem. With these issues come critical decisions that need to be made. In many cases, you will have the information you need to make the decisions, but there may be some instances in which you do not.

PURE storage is the one which offers unique arrays, delivering excellent performance and a simplified storage management environment.  The advanced software capabilities provided by PURE storage requires advanced analytics to meet customer’s needs in capacity, performance and business application planning.  Visual storage intelligence provides specific features to meet each of these needs from a simple browser interface, providing alerts when needed and on demand to ensure clients are able to meet their capacity planning needs, performance expectations and business application showback/chargeback requirements.

Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) provides true, in-depth enterprise storage analytics and reporting, helping you take the guess-work out of storage management.

For Analysis, VSI simplifies and enables the storage management process by organizing independent data elements into a unified, visual analysis across your multi-vendor storage environment. These insights help organizations save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

For Reporting, with an automated data collection process, VSI offers actionable intelligence through consistent reporting on existing arrays at 7 levels, from the Host/LUN to the Business Unit; providing you with a single pane of glass for your enterprise. Not only does VSI provide reports, it provides a process on how reports can be consumed by storage management stakeholders. Ultimately, enabling you with consumable data for actionable intelligence.

For Planning, VSI provides you with the insight you need to plan ahead, so that you can forecast precise outcomes, improve budgeting accuracy, track your growth trends, negotiate new storage purchases while avoiding any unnecessary, reactive purchases, and much more.

VSI, an Online, Cross Vendor Storage Reporting Tool

VSI delivers an online, cross-vendor storage-reporting tool that quickly helps companies visually map out their storage arrays’ utilization, configuration, and free space. The company performs two kinds of reporting—operational reporting and business level application reporting. The cloud-based reporting gives admins and first line manager’s holistic views into configuration, utilization, and performance level of the storage array. This business level application reporting enables CIOs to gain the full view from the early provisioning stage of product utilization to its performance.

Not only does VSI provide reports, it provides a process on how reports can be consumed by storage management stakeholders. Some of the key benefits our clients have seen using VSI include Eliminate Manual Efforts; Forecast Precise Outcomes; Improve Performance; Avoid Outages; Reduce Storage Management Complexity;

Simple 3 Steps

Step1, Automated Data Collection – Step 1 is scheduling the intake of the data readily available in each array that you would normally send to the manufacturer if a problem were to occur. Step 2, Data Transferred to Secure Portal. The data is transferred to the secure portal on a schedule set by you and VSI will do the rest; parsing and repurposing the data readily available from each array to provide a unified visual analysis at 7 levels. STEP 3, Real Time Report Generation.

Once your data is collected and organized, VSI generates a series of reports and delivers them to you through the VSI web browser and as downloadable Excel and PDF reports. Now you can make important business decisions with real insight into your environment.

By providing data-driven analytics and reporting that address performance, capacity, and governance challenges, Visual Storage Intelligence helps organizations of all sizes take control of their multi-vendor IT environment.

Delivered as a SaaS solution, VSI provides a visual health analysis of complex storage arrays quickly. The company set out to develop an automated approach at a reasonable cost to help clients get better insight into their environment without having the manual aspect into the system. The company captures data and information from the storage system, securely exports it to their cloud-based solution for generating visualized reports that enable decision-making. The company provide a single view of the storage array in a unified way. In an implementation highlight, VSI worked with a customer to deploy visual storage intelligence into their storage environment, and after 12 months of deployment, the client was able to save nearly three million dollars. By getting the visibility of their storage environment, they were able to improve their efficiency by 32 to 44 percent, as per the company. With VSI’s tool, the customer did not have to make extra purchases related to storage. By getting visibility, they could very quickly and easily identify possible utilization problems.

Looking towards the bright future of storage, VSI is emphasizes on incorporating cloud reporting and analytics capability into their visual storage tool to remain relevant at the long term in this rapidly changing IT industry. At VSI, they have three values which form part of the DNA of the company. These are: Dedication to every client’s success; Innovation that matters – for VSI and the trust. VSI view your problems as their problems. Their process is a collaborative effort to implement unique solutions that answer and evolve with your business needs.