Apple Working On a Foldable Phone with Flexible Display


Apple seems to be chasing its dream of designing a foldable phone. A new patent filed by the Cupertino, California based iPhone maker, explains the purported device with a flexible display that allows it to fold in the middle. Given the rise in gigantic smartphone screens, it is expected to be the next wise step to invest in displays that are fancy enough to deliver the big-screen experience, and practical enough to fit in a pocket. Based on the images in the patent, the device described would feature multiple housing portions with hinges.

The architecture would be such that folding the device two-way would be possible. It could either make the screen fold in a manner to face itself or in a back-to-back configuration.

Moreover, there is also a possibility of a tri-fold, allowing for both a much larger overall size and an even compact folded form. As is with patents, this too is no indication of Apple actually commercializing the product. At times, these patents are nothing but the aspect of a company’s ongoing research.