Bizarre New Robot Cleans Hotel Beds for Frequent-Flying Germophobes

Bizarre New Robot Cleans Hotel Beds for Frequent-Flying Germophobes

A bizarre new portable robot is capable to drive itself around your hotel bed, zapping bacteria and germs, navigating itself between your sheets on its tiny wheels.

A new pocket-sized sanitizing and disinfecting robot has been designed with the sole purpose of zapping whatever germs and bacteria are lurking in your hotel room bed.

According to its developers – a robotics team at US-based Ventur Studio – the CleanseBot uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation – more simply known as UV light – to destroy germs and bacteria.

Small enough to put in your suitcase, this gadget takes nearby four hours to charge and can manage three hours of cleaning on a single charge. Depending on the size of your bed, it will complete its job in either 30 or 60 minutes germ-zapping cycles.

Additionally, in the “under-blanket” mode, the cleaner can roam nearby your mattress of its own free will on tiny wheels. Also, a “handheld” mode that allows you clean by hand.

This tiny robot uses 18 sensors to navigate and stop itself from getting tangled in the sheets or falling off the edge of the bed.

CleanseBot inventors Tom Yang and Cecilia Hsu inform they were inspired to develop the germ-zapping device after checking into a world-renowned hotel and finding an “unsanitary” bed inside.

The study discovered that TV remote controls, not beds, were the dirtiest thing in the room, “A 2012 University of Houston study found an average of 112.7 colony-forming units of bacteria per cubic centimeter in 19 different hotel room surfaces – that’s a lot.”

Whether or not you think it will avert you from traveler’s diarrhea, hyper-cleanliness on the go won’t come cheap. The CleanseBot has a planned price of US$259 (RM1,056) once the crowdfunding campaign has raised enough start-up funds. The Kickstarter page has already raised over US$1.1mil (RM4.48mil). – dpa, according to the sources.