Google’s CEO Secret Meeting with GOP Lawmakers

Google’s CEO Secret Meeting with GOP Lawmakers

Google current CEO Sundar Pichai will meet up in confidential with Republican lawmakers on Friday to talk about issues including its work in China and alleged political bias, reports the Wall Street Journal. The conference was planned by House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy, who has charged Google of “controlling the internet” by boosting negative news stories about conservatives in its search results, despite the company’s denials.

Sundar Pichai notifies the newspaper that “I look forward to meeting with members on both sides of the aisle, answering a wide range of questions, and explaining our approach. These meetings will continue Google’s long history of engaging with Congress, including testifying seven times to Congress this year.”

McCarthy tweeted prior this month that “an invite will be on its way” to Google, which he accused in the same tweet of making a “silent donation” to an unnamed left-wing group to stop Trump; working with Russia and China to censor the Internet even though it canceled a U.S. military contract and ignoring a Senate hearing.

McCarthy updated the WSJ with a statement that “Google has a lot of questions to answer about reports of bias in its search results, violations of user privacy, anticompetitive behavior and business dealings with repressive regimes like China.”

The company, owned by tech conglomerate Alphabet, was derided by U.S. politicians for not sending C-suite executives like Pichai and Alphabet CEO Larry Page. A chair was left vacant where a Google representative would have sat during the hearing.

Google’s CEO will address issues ranging from the firm’s business dealings in China to allegations of political bias at the meeting with GOP officials.