Security Concerned On Smartphones? Check These Best Messaging Apps

Whether you use laptops, the smartphones are the convenient way for all daily transactions. At the same time, we worried about the data safety because it’s all-in-one-piece for us.

Here are few mobile apps which are free as well as good to continue to be with it. These are the apps preferred by most of the people all around the world.


One of the secured and user-friendly app is WhatsApp. The most of the people are already on WhatsApp, which is one of the first major requirements of a messaging service.

WhatsApp has special end-to-end encryption feature so that you can unlock the encryption. Its encryption software key, through which only you and your recipient can read the messages.

WhatsApp is not allowing the access of your missives. There are no chances of picking your thoughts and sell it to ad companies. WhatsApp is free app and available for iOS, Android, or through a browser on Windows, Linux, macOS or Chrome.


If you want to stay away from WhatsApp, then Signal is a perfect choice. This is open-source service lets you end-to-end encryption security. It has the ability to send messages, group chat, and make both free voice and video calls securely.

The code is public as its open-source and can be checked to make sure that no sneaky loopholes are inserted. Group chat is not only encrypted, but Signal has no knowledge policy so that the company can’t see the messages. .

With Signal, you can set messages to automatically delete after a specified period of time. Signal is admired from several security professionals. Signal is free and available on macOS, Windows,  iOS, Android, and Linux.


Telegram, a powerful messaging app lets you send multiple documents, photos, and messages to other telegram users. Your conversations are synced across all of your devices, and you can store various items on the cloud servers too.

Telegram has a level of access to your personal data. For syncing the data it asks to access, which is the secured and convenient way.

The most important features in telegram are Secrete Chats works as end-to-end encryption, so that telegram will never access the content of you and your recipient. These messages can be placed to self-delete mode after a specified time, and once the messages expired the Secret Chats has no trace of themselves on the Telegram servers. Telegram app is free and available for iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android.


One of the famous apps on mobiles. This app has over 900 million users all over the world. This app is owned by Rakuten, Japanese giants.

The has all the necessary features you’d expect of a modern communication platform, with text, picture, GIF, voice, and video messaging all available and secured in end-to-end encryption. This app has its wide selection of cartoon stickers; also you can also make short video recordings to share with your friends.

This app has not accessed your data or important missives. It holds the messages until the delivery of the message to the recipient. Once it is delivered it is deleted from the Viber servers. Viber is free and is available on macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.


If you thinking there is no option to delete your message from the recipients’ phone, then Dust is the answer to your question. Dust has a unique feature that allows you not only to delete one of your messages off of your phone but also on the recipient device. It’s very convenient for those who are not having the habit of handling messaging apps. Also, if the important missives delivered to any other user.

While working on end-to-end encryption, Dust is one of the safest ways to exchange text messages with your friends. The messages are secured enough to not to read those by the company itself.

If you are worried about the conversation may screenshot and spreads over the net with incriminating evidence in one-to-one chats, so Dust is the best choice to prevent these kinds of evidence. Dust has a feature which will not display the names in one-to-one chats, plus if anyone tries to take a screenshot of your conversation, it notifies you. Isn’t it a great feature!

Right now there is no voice or video chat in Dust, but for the written communication Dust is a good performer. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.