The 10 Cloud Service Provider Leaders to watch in 2018

Surprisingly in very less timespan, cloud computing has reached from being novel to commonplace. Today, each n every company uses cloud in some capacity. We can see the people familiar with the cloud through popular applications including Netflix and I-Tunes. As the cloud has been accepted everywhere in digital place, the ways of using it have evolved and expanded.Cloud services rely on a distributed architecture to guarantee availability, efficiency, flexibility, and reduced management. Keeping in mind with all those services The Leaders Globe magazine shortlisted “The 10 Cloud Service Provider Leaders to watch in 2018

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In today’s environment those ahead are the ones winning the talent battle. Attracting, onboarding, managing and retaining the right talent is at the very core of any successful endeavor and the art of managing HR is more strategic than ever. In today´s environment, those ahead of the curve are investing in (smart) HRM systems. But make no mistake, not all HRMs are created equal.

CipherCloud, the leader in cloud security and governance, enables companies to adopt the cloud while ensuring data protection, compliance, and control. CipherCloud delivers a comprehensive multi-cloud security platform that integrates advanced data protection, adaptive policy controls, monitoring, cloud risk analysis. The largest financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunication and government organizations across more than 25 countries have put their trust in CipherCloud.

Paprsky is incorporated with an aim to provide a gateway for all the requirements of their client around the world. They are just like many other sales & service providers but with only one difference that is their strategies. With the unique and strong strategy to build customer satisfaction and to provide them with the quality products.

Founded in 2000, SLM Sistemas grown by leaps and bounds. Since the inception, the company is continuously strived to enhance its services in cloud computing. They offer the services in four verticals namely: Software Factory, Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Data centers, and recently the creation of devices and sensors for the Internet of Things. The experts and professionals are honed in the respective areas and actively engaged in executing on goals that are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Founded by senior engineers from VMware and Google, ZeroStack is funded by Formation 8 and Foundation Capital, and is based in Mountain View, California. “Zero is a powerful number, ZeroStack necessarily implies that one does not need any cloud experts to run a true scale-out cloud and that the solution is complete. Our entire offering is self-contained, with a single license,” affirms to Ajay Gulati, CEO at ZeroStack,

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As a leader, ask yourself: why getting support from others is so important, even for an emperor?  Here you go. At company level, chairman depends on MD or ED, who in turn depends on VPs, GMs, Managers, supervisors, technicians to carry out his instructions. Everyone’s success depends on their subordinates. If supervisor doesn’t follow his manager’s instruction, company will fire manager, not the supervisor.

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In this digital era, security conscious world, organizations must rethink their cloud strategies, embed security into application development, and embrace new work practices to be appropriate. It’s time to plan your journey.

Tech n Trends

The concern over cloud computing mushroomed in 2018 and has caught everyone’s attention. In 2017, the size of the cloud computing was around $130bn. In 2018, the market is expected to grow by approximately 21% compared to 2017.